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Guided Sensory Rooms & Puzzle Sessions
you and your dog will both enjoy

Start seeing your dog's behaviour and movements differently

Puzzle Sessions and Sensory Rooms​​ are all about meeting your dog's needs and enriching their life.

In a calm and frustration free environment your dog can just be the amazing dog they are with no expectations and a lot of agency.

Sniffing and searching are good for body and mind. You may even see positive behaviour changes and confidence building happening!


While observing and/or interacting with your dog during the sessions you will get a better understanding of their communication, behaviour and health. Your bond will get stronger while enjoying the sessions together.

Dynamic Dog assessments are for those dogs that are a puzzle for the humans; dogs that struggle, behaviourally or physically, and where the origin of that struggle is hard to find for owner, trainer, behaviourist and veterinarian.

Puzzle Dog team
Online around the world and in-person in Nova Scotia, Canada

Guiding both dog owner and canine professional

Build confidence - Deepen connection- Aid recovery - Escape struggles - Have fun!

Sensory Room

For dog owners

Enrichment and puzzles with your dog will increase mental and physical health! The online courses and in person and virtual Sensory Rooms are the game changer if you want to increase the benefits or your dog.

Teamwork enrichment

For canine professionals

Canine professionals around the world: Webinars for you or your audience,

1-on-1's to share knowledge or a presentation about Dynamic Dog assessments: I'm in!

Let's cooperate to help your clients!

Puzzle Patterns

Puzzle Patterns

Nothing more fun than creating puzzles for your dog yourself!

The Puzzle Dog patterns are designed with maximum puzzle fun in mind. 

Joanna, UK

“I learnt so much about my dog but it also made me rethink how I approach enrichment and other activities. My dog can be quite sensitive and is reactive but Hersenwerk/Puzzle Fun is an escape from what she struggles with and focuses on finding her strengths and our bond. I thoroughly recommend it!


Tessa Savelkoel & #PuzzlePuck, Brooklyn, NS B0N 2A0, Canada

Tutor Hersenwerk
Dynamic Dog Practitioner
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