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The Puzzle Dog team

Puzzle Dog is a one-women / one-dog business:
Tessa and #PuzzlePuck are the ones that do it all: teach, puzzle, demo, finances, logistics, sew, emailing, website building, course and content creating  and everything else that needs to be done running a business!

Our passion for Hersenwerk and puzzles is what started it all. First we focused on sewing and selling puzzles and over time courses, events, patterns and more have been added. We keep on learning and developing!

All our services and products come together in our wish for every dog to have a happy, pain free, comfortable, enriched and fun life! And their human too! Our approach is 100% pain and aversive free. 

We send out newsletters to keep our fans informed about our activities, services and products. Want to stay informed too? Please sign up here: NEWSLETTER


Puzzle dog in the media

Puzzle Dog has been in the media a couple of times!

The episode of NSK9 (recorded in Dec 2020) can be watched on YouTube now!

And this is a little trailer of our appearance in A Dog's Life, recorded Aug 2023 and aired March 24th on Eastlink TV

Keep on learning!

Being good in what we do and becoming better all the time: that's our goal for Puzzle Dog.

After a career as a quality manager, facility manager and consultant in several branches I started 'studying dogs' in 2014 after our first move abroad - from the Netherlands to Norway.
In 2018 I founded Puzzle Dog and I have since become tutor for Hersenwerk for dogs (2018)and a Dynamic Dog practitioner (2022).

Besides from one-time webinars, reading books and learning from colleagues, these are the courses on our list:


  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: advanced mentor Hersenwerk for dogs


  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: 2 day course ‘Hersenwerk and puppies’

  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: inspirational sessions with colleagues



  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: clinic ‘observing, watching and seeing’

  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: clinic ‘Hersenwerk for injured dogs’

  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: clinic ‘Dog wear’

  • Canine Principles: Scentwork Enrichment; Accredited Certificate, Dec. 20, 2019



  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: clinic ‘people with anxiety for dogs’

  • Hersenwerk for Dogs: seminar 'rescue dogs from abroad'

  • Canine Principles: Senior Dog Care Course; Certificate of completion Jan. 6, 2020

  • Maritime Dog First Aid and Hiking Safety: Canine CPR & First Aid, June 22 2020,

  • All about the Dog - Gemma Hodson: ACE online workshop, 48 ACE credits, July 2020

  • Canine Principles: Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Certificate of attendance, Nov 8 2020

  • ACE Dog Detective - Sarah Fisher: online workshop, 40 ACE credits, November 2020



  • ACE Cool, Calm and Connected - Sarah Fisher: online workshop, 40 ACE credits, March 2021

  • Zoopharmacognosy - Centre of Excellence, certificate April 2021


  • ACE Module 2 - Sarah Fisher/Lucie Leclerc: online workshop, 100 ACE credits, April 2022

  • Dynamic Dog Practitioner - Gemma Hodson, Dynamic Dog, Certificate of Completion with Distinction May 2022

  • Sensory Integration, 10 hour lecture course, FreeDogz, October 2022

  • Movement of the Canine, Galen Myotherapy, 1.5 CPD points, December 2022

  • Soft tissue Injury and Repair, Galen Myotherapy, 2 CPD points, December 2022


  • Building resilience for Seniors, Behavior Vets, 1.5 CEU, March 2023

  • Resilience Rainbow tour - in person, Behavior Vets, 14 CEU, May 2023

  • Stress in Dogs - Why worry?, The DoGenius, Amber Batson, July 2023 

  • Canine Neuropark® : Predictive Brains, Behavior Vets, 1.5 CEU, August 2023

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