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Canine Seniors: Body and Brain in Balance

This course is in cooperation with Goodness for Paws


Canine Seniors: Body and Brain in Balance is a 4 week program to keep your dog's aging body and mind in great shape through exercises and puzzles. 

The course offers the most beneficial combination of mental and physical stimulation for elderly (as well as younger) dogs. It fosters two important factors for wellness, rehabilitation and slowing down your dog’s aging: physical activities as well as brainwork delivered in a sensible, healthy approach. 


You will learn easy and gentle exercises that you can do with your dog at home, on walks and in your backyard to strengthen their muscles, improve balance and coordination, lessen pain, re-gain better mobility as well as a few different massage techniques. 


In the puzzle lessons you will learn to choose the right puzzle materials for your dog and customize the puzzles to your senior. You will learn to recognise frustration and discomfort and adapt to that. You will experience that puzzle sessions become true bonding moments between you and your dog: quality time spend together! When your dog’s brain and body work in balance, they get fitter, happier and live longer. 


Join us now for 4 weeks of new fun activities that will make your dog blossom and feel younger. Activities are presented with texts and videos so they can be done at your pace from home.

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Note: because this course is a selfstudy course, there won't be issued a certificate after completion.

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