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Canine Escape Rooms

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Design and organize a Canine Escape Room

A course for Canine Professionals

This course is a complete description of the Canine Christmas Escape Room we organized December 2022. It was a huge success! Dogs and handlers were happy and had a great time!


The Canine Escape room just like an human escape room: the room is set up with different challenges to solve. By doing that you find clues and with those clues you can crack the code of a lock and then the stopwatch is stopped.


In Canine Escape Room the team solving the challenges was one handler+dog at a time. The dog got to do several puzzles and while doing that he would reveal clues for the handler, so they really needed to work as a team! 


The handler would write the clues down and then at the last station they would put it all together to find the right numbers and the right order of those numbers to crack the code and open the lock.


When you start designing your Escape Room you are free to use everything from this course. You probably need to get creative too, because 1) you don't have the same puzzles we have 2) you may not want Christmas Escape Rooms. We hope that our examples give you enough ideas on how to make changes so it works for you. 

BUT: if you need help or want to bounce your ideas, this course includes a 30 minute free Zoom call! You can discuss your ideas and ask all questions you have. 

You can find the course in our Academy here.

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