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Online private guidance

Having puzzle troubles?

Book 60 minutes of private online personal guidance.

Use your minutes in max 3 separate Zoom calls or video feedback emails (5 minutes of video equals 20 minutes of guidance).

Are you just getting started with puzzle sessions and want them to be as beneficial as possible for both your dog and yourself? I have set up a Thinkific 'course' for you with all theory and examples you can use alongside the zooms or feedback emails. You get access to this course for FREE  (for 3 months) when signing up for personal guidance. 

Purchase 60 minute of private time with me if you:

  • need guidance implementing puzzle sessions with your dog

  • want my feedback on your video(s)

  • have questions about puzzle sessions with your dog

  • have questions about sensory sessions with your dog

  • need advice or tips on puzzles or sensory sessions

  • struggle to find relaxation in your session

  • need help offering puzzles/enrichment to your injured dog 

  • have other questions or concerns regarding puzzles and sensory sessions

Book here:


* your 60 minutes must be used within 3 months after purchase

* feedback emails: 5 minutes of video equals 20 minutes of guidance

* max 3 separate Zoom calls or feedback emails

* access to the additional Thinkific course for 3 months 

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