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The Long Distance Sensory Room: Sensory Enrichment Sessions accessible from all over the world! 

The essence of the long distance Sensory Room is the same as the in person Sensory Room, but this time you make the set up yourself (no worries, you get clear instructions and you don't need expensive materials!) and you send a video that we will watch together while I share my observations, tips and tricks. 


Long Distance Sensory Room:
learning about your dog's physical en mental well being through enrichment 

Want to know how other people experienced the long distance Sensory Room? Read the testimonials at the bottom of this page!

How does it work?

Long Distance Sensory Rooms are scheduled a couple of times per month. After you sign up for a specific date & time you will receive a pdf that includes an instruction video and all other information needed to to set up and video your own Sensory Room. In a Zoom (maximum 3 participants) we will discuss the recorded sessions.  

Price (tax incl): CA$59.50*, included in the price:

  • Instruction video & info sheet

  • Observation Zoom (1-3 participants) 

  • Recording of observation Zoom**

  • Membership of the Puzzle Dog Sensory Room Facebook group**

  • Discount code for a subsequent session**

** Please note: attending the live Zoom is mandatory to be eligible to get the recording, the membership and a discount code.

How to book your spot:

Visit our webshop to see available dates and book your spot.

Citrus Fruits
" The long distance Sensory Room was a very special experience. The explanation and guidance on how to set up a sensory room at home were clear and helpful.
I really enjoyed watching the videos in the group and found Tessa's insights so perceptive and knowledgeable.
We have really useful advice to adjust things for next time, and I can't wait to do it again at home!- and nor can Cocoa."
Thank you, Jo - UK
"The Long Distance Sensory Room was a fantastic experience, my dog's and I really enjoyed it and Tessa's feedback was invaluable. I gained valuable insight into my dog's movements and body language.
I highly recommend it and Thank You Tessa for this amazing and informative experience."
Jean Peterson - South Africa
"I have seen Tessa's posts about her sensory room sessions for a while and always wished there was someone here offering these. I was very excited when Tessa offered a long distance option. And it didn't disappoint.
Both my dogs and I loved it. I learnt a lot, not only about the sensory room but also about my dogs. It has given me another tool I can use to spend some quality time with my dogs and make their life more interesting."
Nadja - New Zealand
Citrus Fruits
Creating a sensory room experience for Zaya was a great experience; I learned a lot about her ways of operating, but most of all: She enjoyed doing it.
Anonymous - Norway
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Long Distance Sensory Room....from setting it up, watching my sister's dog enjoy the room, and discussing what Tessa observed. Tessa was very thorough in her initial webinar on the purpose of a sensory room, how to set one up and how to go through it with your own dog. She even emailed a handout with all of the steps.
She provided her observations while we watched the video and I liked that she would rewind and replay the video in slow motion to point out her observations. Tessa was very open to questions and provided thorough answers. I did the sensory room with my sister and her dog. I had noticed in the past how her dog "waddles" when she walks but didn't notice until we did the sensory room why she might be "waddling". As she walked through the room sniffing out treats, I noticed something didn't seem right about her back legs. During the playback with Tessa, she pointed out how her dog was putting more weight on one of her back legs and the other appeared to be more tense. This made sense as to how she walks.
As a dog trainer myself, I know how dogs are excellent at hiding their pain. And although my sister's dog has not exhibited any pain, it doesn't mean she doesn't have any in her hind legs or body due to the way she walks. Tessa's observations gives my sister the opportunity to give more details to her veterinarian regarding the way she walks vs just saying to her vet, "my dog seems to waddle when she this normal?"
I highly recommend Tessa's sensory room...not only if you feel your dog may have some pain, but also for a fun and excellent way to help meet your dog's natural needs.
Jody Broughton CPDT-KA - USA
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