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Sensory Room - Frequently Asked Questions


How long is a session?

A Sensory Room session is max 35 minutes. Most of the time dogs are done after 25/30 minutes. 
We listen to their communication and end the session when they tell us they're done.


My dog has allergies/ sensitivities, can you accommodate that?

A week before the session I'll ask you about your dog's food sensitivities. Most of the time I can accommodate these. In rare cases I ask the owner to take some of their dog's food/treats


My dog is reactive, can he visit the Sensory Room?

Dog and human reactive dogs often enjoy the Sensory Room very much, because there are no other dogs around, they get a dog free entrance and exit and they can ignore the strange person (me) in the room because they get space. 


I have two dogs, can they visit together?

A session is designed for one dog at a time. That gives the dog the chance to have their own private experience and the humans can observe one dog and learn.


My dog is anxious, would the Sensory Room be beneficial for him?

Most anxious dogs that visit the Sensory Room need some time to warm up being in a new space with a lot of Sensory input. 

After that the majority of dogs have a wonderful time. 

Sometimes a dog gets too overwhelmed and we have to cut it short. You will then still get a lot of info and tips to take home.


What is included in the fee?

The fee (tax in) covers:

  • Sensory Room session

  • Observation / information chat during the session 

  • Treats 

  • Video link to your session

  • Pdf to set up your own Sensory Room at home


Can more than one person attend with the dog?

Yes, that is possible. For the dog's experience it's best to have as little people around as possible, that's why attendance is limited to two people per dog. I always ask you to notify me if you'll attend with more than one person. 


Are there age restrictions for the dogs who attend?

Dogs of 5 months old and up benefit the most from the Sensory Room. Every age group benefits from the Sensory Room experience in their own way!

If you have a younger pup or a litter: contact me for a customized sensory session


My dog has already done a Sensory Room. Is there any benefit to doing it again?

Absolutely! Dogs that visit for a second (or third) time experience the Sensory Room in a different way. We see their confidence grow and approach change. 

For humans it can be beneficial too, because there are always new observations to make!

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