Debbie Thomas

I am a Certified Dog Trainer and finding Tessa and the Puzzle Dog Facebook site has changed the way I train. She has helped me to expand on my basic knowledge of Enrichment to where I am incorporating it into my daily training plans. Thank you for all your years of inspiration.

Marie- Eve Guimond

Les casse-têtes de Lucas

Tessa from Puzzle Dog is fantastic! Her classes are fun and we learn a lot. She gives sound personalized advice.
It was she who made me notice Lucas' discomfort with his rear end. We now do puzzles everyday!

Shawna Thiessen

Amazing courses with tons of puzzle inspiration.
Puzzle time is now our favorite time and has allowed me to learn to read Mystics likes and dislikes.
Our experience with Tessa from Puzzle Dog exceeded our expectations. Suzie explored a sensory room and loved it - not a treat was left behind We learned so much about our beloved pup's movements and were left with all kinds of creative, DIY ideas to engage her mind. Tessa was sweet and knowledgeable and provided a wealth of resources following the session. It was well worth it!


(written by owner)

Pablo absolutely loved his experience in the sensory room. He got to use nose to guide him around the obstacles and increasingly gained confidence around the new objects. By the end of the 30 minute session he was absolutely pooped! 2 paws up from Pablo!!

Marcie Nixon

I had a great experience attending a Sensory Room event a few weeks ago. Tessa was very knowledgeable and observant, and her insight was valuable. My shy little dog surprised me with her confidence walking on the different floor textures and exploring the puzzle stations. Tessa also noticed an issue my dog was having with her gait - this was unexpected but extremely helpful, I used her observations and video to take to my vet the following week.

Participant Canine Senior: Body & Brain in balance

I'm so glad I signed up for this. It gave me a reason to spend one on one time with Belle. She has remembered what it is to sniff and now spends much more time outside on her own doing just that. 

Participant Canine Senior: Body & Brain in balance

It has been a wonderful course and I think that every owner with a senior dog should join in. Thank you so much for making this course! I will continue to work on the exercises and puzzles to give my dog a fun and strong aging. 

Suzanne Denk

The course was a wonderful way to spend time with my little senior dog Harriet. Harriet is 18 and blind, but it didn't stop her from puzzling and moving her body. This class added so much to her life.
(Harriet is no longer with us, RIP Harriet).

Participant Canine Senior: Body & Brain in balance

I had forgotten how much closer our bond became when we are working together.

Participant Sensory Room

“The sensory room was a wonderful experience. Tessa gave her undivided attention to each of my girls and offered helpful commentary while each dog explored and enjoyed the room at her own pace and time. The post session video links and commentary were an added bonus that allowed me to thoughtfully review the sessions. I am so appreciative of opportunities that support canine cognitive-emotional-physical development and well being.
Thank you Tessa/PuzzleDog!"

Participant Sensory Room

It was great meeting you last weekend :) It was good for Henry and for us. He was super relaxed for the rest of the day and slept for hours! We have since implemented some of your suggestions for our own sensory room at home.
I would recommend your sensory room experience for any dog owner, and we would love to take part again in the future.