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Dynamic Dog assessments

The Dynamic Dog assessment is for those dogs that are a puzzle for us humans.

The dogs that struggle, behaviourally or physically, and where the origin of that struggle is hard to find for owner, trainer, behaviourist and veterinarian.

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The Dynamic Dog assessment process is a complete functional analysis of a dog using a variety of techniques

- including an extensive interview with the owner and in depth analysis of video and photo footage of the dog - to pick up any anomalies and then passing this information on to the vet for further investigation and treatment if required.

As a Dynamic Dog practitioner I am fully trained in canine biomechanics, static & dynamic critical analysis, vet report writing and have knowledge of how pain & discomfort can exacerbate and in some cases cause unwanted and often problematic behaviours in dogs. 


Dynamic Dog assessments are appropriate for all dogs that have physical or behavioural issues, but especially dogs whose behaviour has recently changed, dogs who are exhibiting behavioural issues that are puzzling and dogs that seem to have physical issues but are hard to assess in a veterinary clinic, for example because they shut down.

Dynamic Dog assessments include: 

  • 90-minute Zoom interview to get a detailed  picture of your dog’s behaviour, history, environment, relationships, daily routines and known physical health.

  • You will then gather photos and videos of your dog following my guidelines.

  • An in-depth assessment involving analyses of your dog’s conformation, posture, gait, daily activities, behaviour and more.

  • A follow-up Zoom-meeting to discuss findings and recommendations.

  • A detailed written report* for your veterinarian with supporting photos and video.


*Please note that only a veterinarian can make a diagnosis. The purpose of the Dynamic Dog veterinary report is to provide detailed observations with video and photo evidence and information about possible connections between pain and behaviour.

Dynamic Dog assessments are available Worldwide via Zoom in both English and Dutch.

The cost is CA$ 349 (all included). Referrals from veterinarians and trainers are accepted: please contact us to learn more about the Dynamic Dog assessment process. 

Interested to learn more and how we can help your dog?

Let's chat! Send me an email ( and I'll book you in for a FREE 15 minute chat. 

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