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Spice up your dog’s life!

Canine enrichment ideas that fit in your daily schedule

Do you ever wonder if you offer your dog enough activities? 

Do posts about the activities people do with their dog make you feel guilty? Read this blog!

Do you ever feel you don’t spend enough time with your dog?

I know I do!

And yet I also know that there are many days I can’t give more time or more activities to my dog.

What if we just spice up the time we already spend with our dogs to make them more enjoyable for the both of us?

Do you go on daily walks with your dogs?

Here are four ways to spice up your walks:

  1. Go to a different area: a new trail, an industrial area, a large parking lot, the forest, a park. Or maybe there is a Sniffspot location in your neighbourhood you can visit?

  2. Go slow and let your dog lead the way if that is safe; you will probably come in places you have never been before! Let your dog sniff all the scents and try to figure out what smells he catches.

  3. Leave your phone at home or in your pocket on silence and enjoy every step you take. Mindfully experience the walk with your dog.

  4. Use the environment to have some fun: paws upon a tree stump, slalom around the trees, hide treats in the grass or the bark of a tree.

Do you regularly play with your dog? 

Try something new!

  1. Buy a new toy and play together, making it a new game for the two of you.

  2. Play hide and seek.

  3. Run together and do a ‘I chase you, you chase me game’.

  4. Blow bubbles

Does your dog like to play with other dogs?

  1. Go for a walk with friends.

  2. Schedule a playdate instead of your daily walk.

Do you have time to spend some extra time once in a while? Try something new!

Ask what kind of activities activities are offered in your area and do a one-time workshop to try it. There are many active and also more relaxed activities you can do! A lot of activities are offered online too! Just a few ideas:

  1. Hersenwerk / Puzzle fun online; become member of our FREE Puzzle Challenge group to learn more!

  2. Scent work

  3. Agility

  4. Fitness

  5. Hoopers

  6. Sensory Room: online and in person

  7. Barn hunt

  8. Mantrailing

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Excellent information - Thank you Tessa!

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