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The Puzzle bag: designed to take your puzzles and treats with you on a trip!

This bag has pockets and strips sewn onto it as basic puzzles and you attach 'puzzle tiles' in the open spaces with velcro. From now on you can take different puzzles on different trips!


In this pattern booklet you first find the pattern of the puzzle bag and second the base of the puzzle tiles that can be attached in the puzzle bag. And the most exciting comes next: eleven different patterns for the puzzle tiles in this booklet, so you have many to choose from!


Of course the puzzle tiles can be used as separate puzzles too, no need to use them in the puzzle bag only! Because of the size they’re easy to take with you on many occasions. The velcro at the backside of the tiles will help to keep them in place when used on carpet, a rug or a mat. 


Disclaimer: I am not a native English speaker and not a sewer by profession, so my terminology may not always be correct, I'm truly sorry for that.


For some puzzles you have to get a little creative yourself as well and some sewing experience is necessary to be able to make the puzzles.

Puzzle bag with removable puzzle tiles

C$9.95 Regular Price
C$7.47Sale Price

Summer sale

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